Optimized transfer based on Big data
It combines 5 million transfer information per month with Geo IP from the sender and receiver to derive the best route and send data at the highest speed on the network.
hytdis - Optimized transfer based on Big data. The data transfer solution for next-generation
The data transfer solution for next-generation
HyTDiS is a next-generation data transfer solution that stores, transfers and shares data in the best way according to network conditions of the region or the environment, and reduces traffic costs.
Peer-to-Peer file transfer
Check the connections of the sender and receiver based on the accumulated 1.3 million AP BSSID information. Then the data is transferred directly between devices at no additional network cost with an intra network that does not go through an external network.
hytdis - Peer-to-Peer file transfer.  The enterprise of OTT Streaming service
The enterprise of OTT Streaming service
Peer-to-peer transfer technology classifies to a peer that requesting video and a peer that has already been played it back, then by transferring data directly between each peer it is possible to overcome video quality degradation and limitations of transfer speed caused by a single transfer path.
Responsive distributed network transfer
By detecting the anomalous access and traffic in real time and combining transfer solutions based on the Peer to Peer and Big Data, the data can be transferred to the receiver at the highest speed without any interruption even through Peers other than server traffic.
hytdis - Responsive distributed network transfer. Handling of Massive data
Handling of Massive data
Data can be processed at high speed without data bottlenecks by distributing and transferring data over multiple paths rather than a single path.
3 layers of security
HyTDiS guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of files with 3 layers of security, such as encryption and security check of all contents that is being transferred or has been stored. And it prevents server hacking and account breaches by external attacks and protects customers' data from viruses and ransomware.
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It is an enterprise transfer solution to solve the high startup costs of On-Premise, high traffic cost of cloud service, and security problems.
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